Appointment in London screen grabs

I try really hard to keep the gushing here to a minimum, and to keep the blog more proper than "omg I love him!!" fangirly. But, my goodness, do you see these screen shots?! It's hard to keep your composure whilst looking at them, let alone write a post that's any more formal than "drooling......"

I took a LOT of shots, and these 12 are my favorite. You can see the rest here.


NoirGirl said...

WOAH. I think you have every right to be a fangirl over these!

My favorites are #8 and #11 from the top. How did you like AiL? I hope DB didn't have to end the film tragically again!

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Great shots, I have not seen Appointment in London yet, but have a disk so must catch it soon.

I found some great shots of Dirk doing publicity stills for Modesty Blaise, which I had never seen before, they are now on page 1 of my blog. You may wish to copy them.

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Hi, me again, those Bogarde shots are on page 2 of my blog - or use the Dirk Bogarde label.


Meredith said...

holy wow that is one handsome (and talented!) man right there.