We Joined the Navy cameo (video clip)

Here is the scene in which Dirk appears in "We Joined the Navy!" It's only about a 2 minute long scene, and he only appears in the last 30 seconds, but it's fantastic nonetheless! I'll have screencaps coming up later today, too :)

We Joined the Navy

FANTASTIC news! I finally tracked down a copy of that elusive "We Joined the Navy" (1963)! Dirk Bogarde's cameo is very brief, only about one minute tops, but it's great and if you're as big a fan as I am, it's quite exciting! :D

I just got it in the mail this afternoon & checked to make sure it was the right movie (I've been searching fruitlessly for so long that I wasn't sure I really had it until I saw it with my own eyes!) but tomorrow I'll get some screen caps to share here!

If you're interested in getting a copy yourself, I've added it here!

This means the only remaining films I've yet to find are Upon This Rock, Blackmailed, Power Without Glory and Rope. And I'd also love to track down the "This is Your Life" episode starring Kenneth More, which Dirk made an appearance on. I'm so excited to finally have We Joined the Navy, though.. I've been searching for almost two years now, so I had almost given up hope that I'd ever find it! :)