dvd releases

Three early Dirk Bogarde movies are finally being released on DVD in January! They're being released in the UK, so they're in PAL format but most computers can play region 2 discs with VLC player, and multi-region DVD players can read them as well.

The lucky movies are Once a Jolly Swagman, Esther Waters and The Spanish Gardener. Hopefully the fact that the powers-that-be are finally releasing some early DB Rank films is a sign that Blackmailed (a movie that doesn't seem to be available anywhere, and I mean anywhere) will finally see the light of day!

ps. Thanks to Micky for the heads-up! :)


Terence Towles Canote said...

Wow! That is so cool. I just hope day one day every movie Sir Dirk Bogarde ever made is out on DVD!

Raquel Stecher said...

TCM should hire you to do their video editing work!