Sebastian (1968)

I finally (finally!) watched Sebastian last night -- I've been meaning to for well over a month and just never seemed to find the time. But it was definitely worth the wait. I don't want to give away much of the plot, since it's nice to discover what's going on yourself, but I will say that it's a suspenseful, intriguing, very entertaining film with fantastic 1960's fashions and camerawork and, as usual, an outstanding performance by Dirk Bogarde.

I've been drawing a huge blank when trying to write reviews lately, so please pardon me if that last paragraph is the extent of my review. I hope these FIFTY screenshots will make up for that ;-D


Terence Towles Canote said...

Sebastian is an odd film. Very Sixties. But I do love it. And I really wouldn't mind working in Sebastian's office!

Unknown said...

Maybe I'm just getting accustomed to his 60's films, but I didn't think it was that odd, actually! The story was pretty linear, and the characters were relatively normal; the only really strange thing I can think of is that his employees are all girls! lol

Tom said...

This looks like a good movie!

Abe Lucas said...

Well, I Love the "Swingin' London" period and Sebastian was wonderful!

This was my first exposure to The Great Dirk (as he's referred to at my house) and I was impressed with his character here. Susannah York was drop-dead gorgeous in this and those shots of the business district were great, too. I believe that the 1969 Roger Moore North by Northwest wannabe CROSSPLOT shares some of those locales, too.

Jerry Goldsmith's score is another highlight and it was nice to finally see the images that accompany the music.

I'd "properly" review Sebastian at my blog but alas, it's outside my Golden Age domain. (Must keep a laserbeam focus and all that rot.)