Lyrics for Lovers

On the Dirk Bogarde Estate website, they have the entire album that he recorded in 1960. It's available on CD (you know I'm buying it.) but for free you can listen to the whole thing via this link. Before you listen, a word of warning: he does not sing. It's spoken-word set to music. I happen to like spoken word music (like Charles Boyer's LP Where Does Love Go) but it's an acquired taste. I always used to think it was silly, but it's grown on me.

I really love discovering when actors recorded music, books on tape or spoken word albums, especially actors whose voices are as essential to their acting as their mannerisms and appearance.

I've tried to explain my tastes in vocals before, but nobody ever seems to really understand me -- I'll try it here and see if anyone can make sense of what I have to say :) In music and movies (and life I guess) I like deep voices with some gravel in them. This is why Frank Sinatra is my favorite singer -- if you put on headphones, turn off the lights and close your eyes you can almost feel like you are falling into his voice. His voice reaches into eternity, it just seems like it could go on forever into space. It's so full of depth. And so this was one of the first things I noticed about Dirk Bogarde, too -- he has one of these voices. It's very deep and not entirely smooth. He also speaks with a certain flourish that translates marevelously into these spoken word songs.

Well, I really hope you'll enjoy these! As for me, I'm listening right now!

ps. Thanks Nicole for the picture!!

UPDATE: Just One of Those Things is my favorite -- I hadn't listened to the whole thing when I wrote the post, but I just finished and thought I'd let you know :)


Nicole said...

Your welcome for the picture, by the way.

Nicole said...

He's got a very soothing voice, I really liked hearing him. :)

Mercurie said...

His voice does sound very mellow. It's surprising he isn't better known for his singing.

Elizabeth said...

I know exactly how you feel when you say you just fall through Frank Sinatra's voice. Except substitute Cliff Edwards and you've got me to a T!