The Wind Cannot Read (1958)

Tonight I watched The Wind Cannot Read, a wartime love story set during World War II. It was an amazing film, but I'm saving the review for tomorrow when I have a clearer head. It's quite an emotional movie and having just finished watching it, I think if I tried to write a post right now it would seem too dopey and mushy. It was definitely made during Dirk Bogarde's matinee-idol period -- something I kind of forgot about since I've been watching so many of his new-wave 60's movies lately. Being a bit of a fangirl myself, (oh, who am I kidding, I'm a really big fangirl!) it was neat to see him in such a romantic role.

So, anyway, in lieu of a post tonight, here are some pictures from The Wind Cannot Read that I scanned from my Dirk Bogarde Fan Star Library biography. My favorite is the one at the top of the post!

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