I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to classic film anniversaries... every February 14th I celebrate the day I became a Frank Sinatra fan (this year was 10 years!) and every December I celebrate the month -- actually don't remember the exact day -- that I first discovered classic films (this year will be 11 years!) and today marks one year since I discovered Dirk Bogarde on TCM's Summer Under the Stars! To celebrate, I'm unveiling my newest project -- dirk-bogarde.com (dirkbogarde.com is taken by one of those websites that puts up lots of amazon and google ads for money-making purposes only. POO.)

Dirk-Bogarde.com has all of my photographic scans, movie screen-caps and tribute videos. I'm constantly adding more all the time so it will be a continuous work in progress. But all of my existing scans, screen caps and videos are already up!

Yay!! :-D

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